Corporate Wellness Programs

Classes and programs to build a healthy, thriving workforce for Seattle employers

Unhealthy employees are bad for the bottom line: they log more sick days, their mental clarity is impaired and they can drive up insurance premiums.

Healthy behaviors mean lower health risks, and lower health risks translate to increased job satisfaction, improved productivity and lower rates of chronic disease.

What are you doing to improve the health of your staff?

Nutritional Therapist Michelle Schwartz offers a variety of programs designed to give your employees the knowledge, tools and motivation to take care of themselves, including:


Lunch and Learn

An engaging hour covering topics such blood sugar regulation, macronutrient balance, the role of sugar, alcohol and caffeine as energy robbers. Participants take away real, practical advice they can act on immediately.

Sessions can be held for anywhere from three to thirty participants.

RESTART® program

A five week series of one hour sessions that combines nutrition education and a guided whole foods sugar detox with small group support. Together, it makes a powerful kickstart to a new, healthy lifestyle.

Your employees will learn how to break their sugar habit while eating a whole foods diet. No more post-lunch fatigue! They will experience improved energy, reduced inflammation and free themselves from sugar and carb cravings.

RESTART classes can accommodate three to ten participants.

Fill in the form below to request information, or email michelle@michelle-health.com with any questions.

Michelle is passionate about helping others find their path to good health.  Her background as an educator coupled with her extensive knowledge of nutrition make Michelle a fabulous resource and coach. She leads the way to good health.

– Chris Y., Senior Manager, Human Resources