Personalized Nutritional Therapy

We often hear ‘you are what you eat’, but really you’re only as good as your digestion. If that’s suffering, you’re suffering. For many people, though, they have no idea that their problems can be traced back to compromised digestion. Nutritional Therapists are experts at working on digestion.

NTP’s see the body as complex beings and when the body shows symptoms of being unwell, we work to get to the cause rather than just treat the symptoms. We are trained to understand how the body is supposed to function and how to recognize dysfunction. We also know that nutrient-dense food is key in providing the building blocks for a healthy body. You are unique and just are you are unique, each person’s optimal health plan must be unique. No single diet or set of supplements is right for everyone. Together we will discover and support what your body needs through a one-on-one process, addressing imbalances and deficiencies while focusing on your health concerns and goals.

Consultation typically begins with a detailed health history through a nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ), food journal analysis, lifestyle analysis, and hands-on functional evaluation (FE) to discover imbalances and deficiencies as well as organ weaknesses. We will work together to make you feel better.

Initial Visit

This two hour visit includes a conversation of your health concerns and goals, a nutritional assessment, food journal analysis, and hands-on functional evaluation. You’ll leave with a clear plan to follow that you feel comfortable with. (Cost: $175)

Follow-up Visits

I’m invested in your success. That means I’ll want to continue to work with you over time to see how things are going and help you navigate your challenges and results. We’ll choose a rhythm that makes sense for your lifestyle and budget to review your progress and make adjustments as needed to keep you moving forward. Each follow-up visit lasts approximately 45 minutes. (Cost: $100)


For those not living in the greater Seattle area, or with limited time for face-to-face meetings, I am available for live video conferences. A virtual initial visit includes the nutritional assessment, food journal analysis and lifestyle analysis but does not include hands-on functional evaluation. (Cost: $150 initial visit / $100 each follow-up visit)

Note that I make diet and lifestyle recommendations, but don’t diagnose or treat.

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