Nutritional Therapy

Work with me one-on-one to assess your health, analyze your diet and develop a plan customized to address your health issues. I work with both children and adults.

A variety of plans are available, including in-person and remote (video conference) appointments.

RESTART® Program

Restart your health in just 5 weeks. Nutrition education, sugar detox, whole foods eating and group support all in one course. Boost energy, reduce inflammation, and eliminate your sugar and carb cravings.


I’m a certified GAPS Practitioner. GAPS (Gut and Psychology & Physiology Syndrome) is a therapeutic diet that addresses the link between our physical and mental health. The GAPS diet aims to heal the gut, resolving many health, behavioral and mental issues that arise from an unhealthy body. Whether you’re ready to start the GAPS protocol or are just interested in learning more about it, contact me.

Pantry Clean Out

Eating healthy starts at home. Together we’ll go through your pantry and fridge identifying ingredients and foods that are keeping you from feeling your best. You’ll learn to read labels and recognize hidden ingredients. We will create a personalized grocery list that fits your family’s taste with replacement items for foods you need to avoid. I will also assist with recipe ideas that suit your family’s needs.

Food allergies need special treatment at home, especially in shared kitchens. Learn how to organize and keep everyone safe. You’ll also get tips on how to deal with food allergies away from home: at school and work, at potlucks, restaurants and while traveling.

Pantry cleanout and Food Allergy Organization each typically take one and a half hours. These services are $125. Contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Grocery Shopping

Finding healthy, wholesome food among the thousands of items at the grocery store can be mindboggling. We will tour the grocery store, learn the hidden meaning of labeled ingredients, how to understand the label’s nutritional information and get trained to make the most out of the healthy selections at the grocery store. This experience can be customized to specific diet protocols. You’ll get helpful lists and tips to help with your own future shopping.


I offer workshops and classes on topics ranging from the latest news in nutritional health to meal planning to basic knife skills and cooking adventures. Join my mailing list to receive announcements of upcoming workshops or contact me if there’s a topic you would like to see covered.