Healthy Food, Healthy Life

I’ve combined my experience as an educator, personal chef, someone with an autoimmune disease and mother of a child with food sensitivities to create a system for making whole foods a sustainable part of life. Recognizing that the volume of information available today can be overwhelming or difficult to sort through, and that finding time to eat well can be a challenge in our modern lives, I’ve created workshops to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated and the system I’ve developed.

Foundations of good nutrition. Straightforward, sound nutrition education that sets the record straight, busting myths (that fat, salt, cholesterol are bad while carbs are good)and providing guidelines for healthier eating. What’s ‘good’ and what’s ‘bad’, macronutrient goals, bio-individuality. Teach strategies to make healthy nutritional choices. Cut sugar & processed foods.

Sound nutrition education. Fake news (myth busters – fat, salt, carbs in diet), real help (what you should be eating). Why sugar, processed foods are bad. Label reading (vegetables don’t need labels). Shoot for organic, grass-fed, pastured (describe these and clear up different classifications of eggs, meat – ‘cage free’, ‘CAFO’, etc)

Recipe: breakfast ideas

Tip: last night’s side dish + eggs/ bacon/ sausage = breakfast


Why Gut Health is So Important – how digestion should work, what happens when it doesn’t. Learn about leaky gut and it’s impact on health. Protocol to heal and seal the gut. RECIPE: bone broth, meat broth

Sustainable Plan Cooking every day isn’t realistic for most of us. Learn how to realistic make eating healthy foods to eat every day . Meal plan, meal prep, cook once & eat twice (at least). Time saving techniques, tips for eating away from your own kitchen. Grocery shopping tips, sourcing. Cooking / freezing demo. Fridge, pantry, food storage video.



For each week: quote, menu, recipes, grocery list, tip (time savers, cooking advice, baking soda & boiling water to clean pans, save the ends of veggies for broth)